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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I order invitations?

  Invitations should be in the mail approximately 8 weeks before your event.
  Invitations being sent out of the United States should be mailed 10 - 12 weeks before.
  It is best, therefore, to order invitations 4 to 5 months prior to the scheduled date of your event.

 What are the various parts of an invitation order?

 The items that you will need to order depend entirely on the nature of the affair and your
 particular needs and taste.

Frequently ordered items are: 

The invitation and outer envelope 
Save-the-date cards 
Printed envelope flap 
Envelope linings 
Response card 
Seating card 
Thank-you notes 
Self-adhesive envelope strips 

Additional items that you may wish to order, are: 

Rehearsal dinner card 
Reception card 
Brunch card 
Menu card 
Direction card 
Accommodation card 

We are fully dedicated to work with you to help you select the combination that is best for you with respect to style and cost. 

What is the best way to handle addressing and calligraphy?
 Invitations can be addressed by computer, from addresses that you supply via the internet.
This can be done in the calligraphy style and color of your choice.
   If you wish to have the calligraphy done by hand, then we can recommend a calligrapher to you.

      What are some helpful hints when it comes to mailing invitations?

  Take one complete invitation, with all its parts to the post office, in order to determine the correct
price for a single invitation. Using this postage amount for the remaining invitations will keep
  you from overpaying for the entire mailing.

Ask the post office to hand-cancel your invitations.
  Automatic machine cancellation can damage the invitation.

  Remember to place a stamp on each envelope of the reply card.


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